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Last Updated: 11/18/2014 23:17 PST

This Doctor's Favorite Eyelash Enhancer

With so many beauty products on the market today, selecting the ones that are truly beneficial is never an easy task—so when an expert like board-certified Dr. Ashley Magovern speaks up on her faves, we’re inclined to listen. The latest product of which this skin care expert is singing the praises? A non-prescription eyelash enhancer called SmartLash.

Eyelash enhancement is one of the biggest trends in the beauty industry, with companies everywhere launching products promised to leave you with the longer, lusher looking lashes you have always wanted. Often,  though, these products pose nasty side effects—darkening of the eyelids or blurred vision, anyone?—and this is where SmarLash holds the edge: there’s no prescription required to get it, and because it’s free of harmful ingredients, it promises to give you the look of longer, more beautiful lashes without any risk for side effects.

And you know what the best thing about SmartLash is? It works!

Clinical studies* have revealed:

  • 93% of participants reported an increase in the appearance of eyelash length and fullness after 28 days of use.*
  • 83% of participants reported their eyelashes appeared thicker after 28 days of use.*
  • 93% of participants reported they saw an improvement in the health of their eyelashes.* 

But don’t just take our word for it; remember, SmartLash is favored by a Georgetown-educated M.D. who completed her medical internship at Stanford University before working closely with Dr. Howard Murad and going on to open her own practice in Los Angeles. SmartLash advocate Dr. Ashley Magovern boasts unparalleled expertise when it comes to beauty and skin care, and SmartLash is her lash enhancer of choice—she, too has noticed a change in her own lashes using SmartLash.

"Smartlash is my favorite non-prescription lash enhancer," says Dr. Ashley Magovern. "Easy to apply. Non-irritating."

This easily applicable, non-irritating lash enhancer WILL transform the appearance of your lashes. Visit and read its reviews, and you’ll see what real customers are saying about it. Then, take advantage of special savings on this amazingly effective formulation: SmartLash Eyelash Enhancer is currently being offered at 76% off, ONLY on But you must act quickly, because these exclusive savings are for a limited time only!

*Results based on a 56-day independent clinical study where results were measured at 28 and 56 days. Product was applied twice a day.

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