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Feb 20, 2017
Updated: 2/13/2017
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Take Control of Your Credit in Less Than 2 Minutes

Take Control of Your Credit in Less Than 2 Minutes

In tight economic times, it’s natural for people to be looking to save money where they can. People usually start with the obvious – buying generics instead of fancy brands, and cutting back on expensive clothes and the like.

That’s the low-hanging fruit, and although we can save money by skipping the daily cappuccino – do you really want to?

What many people don’t realize is that there is a relatively easy way to save significant amounts of money - how does $500 a month sound? - and it won’t require any changes in your lifestyle.

What is it? The answer lies in personal credit management. 

Here’s how it works: Everyone opens credit cards and secures loans in hopes they’re getting a good rate.  The rates and contracts on money we borrow (on our home, auto, and credit cards) and the money we lend (i.e. to the bank in the form of our savings accounts) – are hugely important and add up quickly, although you don’t notice them because they are spread out and buried in multiple accounts.  Amongst all the jargon, monthly statements and advertising, most people have no idea if they are getting the best rates available.

And, it’s in the bank’s best interest to keep you confused so that they can charge you more!  Then, to add insult to injury, businesses that promise a so-called “free credit score” help surprise us with “gotcha!” bombshells: Fees, monthly or annual payments, and more.

Many consumers are intimidated and confused by the whole process.  What’s my credit score, what’s my credit history, and how do I get better rates?

That’s why we were so impressed with a service called Credit Sesame.  It’s specifically designed to let consumers stay on top of their credit, improve their financial standing, and most importantly, get the best rates on credit cards, bank, auto, and more.

And, one of the best things about the service is that it’s completely free:

  • No credit cards required
  • No trial periods
  • No “gotchas” once you sign up
  • No fees to use their site, credit tools, or other online resources—ever

Credit Sesame uses a sophisticated analytics engine developed by scientists at Stanford University to review and analyze consumers’ individual debt, home loans, credit score, and credit profile. It’s based on the same type of practice banks spend millions of dollars a year on to grow their own wealth.  But, this engine was created for consumer use!

In minutes, their system builds over 5,000 scenarios and instantly evaluates thousands of loans from all major banks against your current credit conditions. You can then review each loan option you pre-qualify for that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

You get a complete financial picture of your credit and debt online in less than two minutes! Every month, Credit Sesame will provide access to your Experian credit score, advise you of alternative mortgages, credit cards, and loans that you already pre-qualify for, and save you a lot of money.   In fact, people who followed their refinance advice saved a whopping $579 a month!

You can even access your personal account via their smart phone app and Credit Sesame uses bank level security to safeguard all consumer data.

It’s time for the average consumer to take back control of their credit from the banks and start making smarter decisions about their loans and debt.  If there is a better deal out there you qualify for, Credit Sesame will find it for you —for free.

Click here to sign up for your free savings advice and credit score, and in 90 seconds, see how much you could be saving.

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