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Mar 26, 2017
Updated: 3/19/2017
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How One Cool Company Could Change the Auto Insurance Industry Forever

How One Cool Company Could Change the Auto Insurance Industry Forever

Shopping for Car Insurance can be a pain. It’s time consuming and you never quite know if you are getting the best deal in the end.

Most online comparison sites ask you to answer tons of questions about yourself, then return only one or two rates, or hound you with agent calls and emails.

Now, however, a brain-trust out of Austin, TX may have forever changed the auto insurance game. They have developed a completely transparent, revolutionary new online car insurance tool called The Zebra.

A traditional car insurance search usually involves working with an insurance specialist, visiting numerous websites or sitting on seemingly endless phone calls to get full details. Each provider has its own unique offerings, limitations and benefits, so filtering them out can be frustrating. It might take 15 minutes or less, but it often still leads to poor decisions and paying more than you have to.

The Zebra takes minutes, letting you add as much or as little information as you want so that you can see real-time quotes right away.

How The Zebra Works

1. Provide Basic Car Information
Fill out your car make, model, year and zip code. Eligible insurance companies instantly appear along with price quotes for that given information.

2. Like What You See?  
Enter more information about your driving habits, gender, marital status, and so on. As you do, the prices continually update like a videogame score, with a graph showing how complete your profile is. It's both fun and fascinating to see what affects your rate, and the more details you offer, the more accurate each auto quote will be.

3. Select Your Coverage Level
Choose from "State Minimum," "Basic," "Better," and "Best." They're all explained in simple, easy-to-understand language, and help determine the final cost.

4. Accept an Offer... or Keep Shopping
Once you see a price you like, enter your contact information so that you can be presented with an official offer.

Still have questions? The Zebra has both an instant messenger service and phone line available so you can connect with one of their trained staff and get answers whenever you want.

The days of endless searches, long forms, and high rates are over. The Zebra brings you the straight numbers when you want them — in plain old black and white — and chances are you’re going to love the savings you see.

Click here to give The Zebra a try.

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