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Last Updated: 8/24/2014 01:13 PST

Body Fit: A New Supplement Hits the Shelves

Body Fit: A New Supplement Hits the Shelves

(Boston) — If you haven’t heard the whispers, there’s a new supplement at GNC that has executives interested. Out of the tens of thousands of products sold by the nutrition giant, this particular supplement, a female fitness supplement known as Body Fit, is already well on its way to becoming one of GNC’s most popular products for women in a matter of months. The success is borderline inexplicable, so we decided to ask Femme Factor’s Chief Marketing Officer his secret.

“It’s not complicated,” said the CMO. “We sell a great product at a lower price than many of our competitors. Customers are smart — if you create a product that can benefit millions of Americans and it works, it’s going to sell. That’s what we’ve done here.”

As it turns out, unlike many other female fitness supplements, within a short amount of time, women who had taken BodyFit reported feeling:

  • Insane Boost in Energy
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Intensified Focus and Concentration
  • Increase in Fat Burning

The makers of Body Fit are so confident in their new product they are offering every woman in the country a risk-free sample. If you’re interested in giving it a shot, claim a sample here. If you are not able to claim a bottle online, you may be able to find Body Fit at your local GNC.

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