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Oct 13, 2015
Updated: 10/6/2015
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How to Get the Hottest Hair Color Trends for Spring

How to Get the Hottest Hair Color Trends for Spring

Coloring your hair to accompany the change of seasons typically goes one of two ways: You darken your locks for the fall and winter seasons, and lighten them or add highlights for the warm, sunny months.

This year however, things are a little different. Beauty and style experts are pointing to rich, vibrant, one-dimensional colors as the ones to go for in the upcoming warm seasons — and a great new way to get that expert color for yourself.

Hot Trends for Spring and Summer 2015
Reds are having a moment right now, and have recently emerged as one of the most popular shades that anyone can rock.

Copper, chestnut, and strawberry reds are true hues that scream spring. A little more reserved? Auburns and apricot-reds combine with other shades so you can ease into the red camp.

Brunettes can remain subdued this season with monotonal, dark, solid colors. Whether it’s a deep espresso or an acorn color tone, keeping it the same shade is key here. Just maintain glossing throughout the season to keep your hair shiny and healthy looking.

Can’t walk away from your signature spring and summer highlights? Focus on blending. You want to stay away from any of the striping or obvious demarcations that usually come with highlights.

Blondes have it especially easy with caramel, butter tones that provide a pop without being obvious.

Remember — these trends are all about personalization. Slight variations can make you look either fab or drab, which is why the usual boxed formulas from the store are risky.

Our choice? Totally affordable, custom-created color from eSalon.

How eSalon Works
eSalon custom prepares individually blended, high-end, salon-quality hair color for clients to use at home.

The eSalon system allows you to find your exact match, with a short set of fun questions formulated by eSalon’s top colorists. These professionals then prepare a formula to match your hair characteristics. The high-quality color is mixed, then shipped right to your doorstep within three business days.

It costs less than $20 per application — slightly more than drug store brands that can leave your hair looking like straw, and MUCH LESS than you'll pay at a salon.

Right now, eSalon is offering new clients treatments for only $10.00 (that's a 50% savings), plus $4.95 shipping and handling. Every eSalon order also features a 100% satisfaction guarantee; if you're not satisfied, they'll refund the entire amount — including shipping.

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