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May 23, 2015
Updated: 5/16/2015 -

Is a Honeymoon Cruise the Right Choice for You?

Is a Honeymoon Cruise the Right Choice for You?

The softly lapping ocean, a warm sea breeze, breathtaking sights, and the person you love taking it all in beside you-- might sound like a perfect getaway--especially if you’re newly married. 

Honeymoon Cruises

Newlyweds often opt for a honeymoon cruise to help celebrate their marriage and create unforgettable memories together.  Honeymoon cruises allow couples to receive royal treatment and visit multiple destinations at a fraction of the costs usually associated with those things.

Honeymoon Cruise Destinations

Honeymoon cruises can be booked anywhere cruise ships go.  A few especially romantic destinations include:

  • Hawaii
  • Tahiti
  • Caribbean
  • Alaska
  • Greek Islands

How Long Does a Honeymoon Cruise Last?

Most honeymoon cruises to these locations last from 7 to 14 nights, and each docks in popular port cities during daylight hours.  Evenings are times for celebration on honeymoon cruises--fine dining, dancing, and pure romance take center stage when the sun goes down.

Getting to the Port of Departure for Your Honeymoon Cruise

All honeymoon cruise destinations have a particular originating city, called a port of departure.  Newlyweds who do not live near the port of departure for their honeymoon cruise generally fly or drive; it’s a matter of personal preference.  It’s usually a good idea to arrive at least one or two days before your honeymoon cruise sails. 

What Happens on a Honeymoon Cruise?

You’ll board your honeymoon cruise early on the day of departure.  After checking into your cabin, you’ll be free to explore the ship, grab a bite to eat, and do whatever else you please. 

Once your honeymoon cruise sets sail, the excitement really begins.  Many honeymoon cruises offer organized activities for social couples who wish to participate, and all offer amenities for every passenger to enjoy.

Amenities on Honeymoon Cruise Ships

Cruises are all-inclusive.  Stellar food, amazing entertainment, and relaxing comforts are all part of honeymoon cruise packages.

Your cruise ship will dock in popular port cities, where you are free to explore, shop, dine, and enjoy the local culture to your heart’s content.

Many honeymoon cruise ships feature all the things you would find in a luxury hotel on land; including: Swimming pools, gyms, spas, Internet access, and business centers.

Using Vacations to Go to Save on a Honeymoon Cruise

Vacations to Go was founded in 1984 on the principle that cruise lines needed to fill empty cabins, even if the full-price market wasn’t buying them.  After working hard to create partnerships, Vacations to Go is now able to secure exclusive deals on empty cruise cabins for its members.

How Good are the Deals?

A honeymoon cruise booked through Vacations to Go gives newlyweds an opportunity to enjoy all-inclusive service at a fraction of the cost of direct booking.  In many cases, Vacations to Go can book your honeymoon cruise for up to 75 percent off the cruise line’s listed price.   

To be eligible for members-only cruise discounts, visit Vacations to Go and register--it’s that simple.  You can choose from hundreds of discount prices on cruises all over the world.  You don’t have to book your honeymoon cruise immediately; in fact, you can choose to sign up for Vacations to Go’s free newsletter and be notified when a new, members-only discount pops up.

To learn more about discount honeymoon cruises, visit Vacations to Go.