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Mar 25, 2017
Updated: 3/18/2017

5 HOT Yoga Styles for Women

As yoga grows in popularity throughout the Western world, so does everyone's love for yoga wear. Gone are the days in which everyone wore boring black tights and uncomfortable sports bras into class and throughout their everyday lives.

There is something for everyone seeking please their fashion sensibility. Just to prove this point, the following are some of the hottest (and most comfortable) styles on the market today.

1. Zobha Cosmo Print Yoga Leggings

2. Teeki Deer Medicine Hot Pant

3. Beyond Yoga women's Double Keyhole Tank

4. Lululemon Women's Heather Herringbone Black Kanto Catch Me 1/2 Zip

5. Alo Yoga Women's Airbrush Capri Printed Pant

Of course, the above styles are only the beginning of the massive amount of amazing yoga clothing you can find. Click through on any of them to see both the specific styles mentioned or to expand your search.